Despite the influence of landscape lighting often being underestimated, there are countless ways it can elevate your home. Learn from the experts about the impact a well-designed outdoor lighting setup can have, and why light in the right places can take a space from good to amazing.

Let’s jump right in. Here are five ways that landscape lighting will breathe life into your home. 

Five Ways Landscape Lighting Will Breathe Life into Your Home | Auckland Electrician | Good ElectricalPathway and Entryway Lighting

Let’s begin at the beginning – that is to say, the entryway to your home. When we talk about pathway and entryway lighting, we mean a lighting design that borders the path leading up to your front door, and then a way to illuminate your front door itself. It adds a lot of curb-side value to your home by making it look incredibly warm and inviting.

From a practical and functional, angle it is also a very sensible choice to make. Having lights set up to illuminate your pathway at night will make it safer for you and any visitors to walk in the dark, helping prevent any injuries occurring from tripping.

At Good Electrical we believe that a lit pathway is a warm, enthralling thing to come home to, and is worth installing in every home. If you choose small lanterns to dot the walkways, it creates an atmosphere like a cottage found in the woods. Or, if you prefer a more modern aesthetic, try white-light industrial fixtures. In any case, adding this feature to your home’s lighting profile will exponentially increase its value.

Wall-Mounted Lighting

If you frequently entertain guests, then your outdoor spaces will benefit from the addition of wall-mounted lights. Illuminating your deck or backyard works in much the same way as lighting up the front of your home, as this makes your home that much more inviting.

Wall fixtures, in particular, come in a variety of styles that can coordinate with an existing aesthetic, or you can change the style of your outdoor area completely if that better suits your tastes. Intricate metal-work and a warm yellow light send time backwards, while simplistic white light ignites the evening and adds a modern touch.

Where would be the point in having a beautifully-designed outdoor area if you’re only able to spend time out there during the day? Entertaining often happens in the evening, so make all of your spaces accessible for a night with friends and choose to install some wall-fixtures.

Garden Lighting

There’s lighting your deck for the benefit of guests, then there’s lighting your garden for the benefit of design. If you’re looking to add an extra touch to your backyard then dotting it with spotlights or solar lanterns could be just what you need.

Light up sections of your garden that you are particularly proud of to draw the eye and add a touch of night-time colour, or hide the lights in the garden itself to create an ethereal, fairy-like quality. The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination with garden lighting.

Water Feature or Pool Lighting

If you have a water feature or a pool in your backyard (or if you wish to install one), then you cannot go past the opportunity to turn it into a visual feature at night as well. The sight of light shimmering through a film of water is stunning to most, and always adds a touch of elegance to your home.

Fountains, pools, and even smaller water features can all benefit from a border or backlight – whether it be coloured or white light, the effect is enthralling.

In terms of pools, having the right lighting is also a matter of safety. Swimming at night is a lovely experience, but if you’re left in the dark, or if you have children, then it’s not a safe one. Light the inside and border of your pool to make it safer for your whole family, while elevating the design of it at the same time.

Consider taking your water feature or pool to the next level with a light installation and you will be amazed at what you find at the end of the process.

Central Source Lighting

Finally, you may consider creating one large and central point of light in your outside space, or a few of them, to simulate gathering points for guests you are entertaining. Much like installing a firepit – which is of course a wonderful option – having a central point of light draws people like moths to flames. If you like congregating with your friends to have a drink, perhaps consider taking it outside and beneath the stars.

Situate a focal point of light beside a table and your barbecue, or in the midst of comfortable benches out in the garden itself. Add that extra touch of comfort by installing it along with a heating system to ward off the cold. Either way, this choice creates a warm and homey ambience, encouraging people to relax and enjoy the company of those they are with.

Any of these options will take your home from an adequate or average space to something that has thought and intention in every detail. Lighting is often underestimated, but the right choices create a charming atmosphere where people will happily spend their time both in and outside of the home.

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