One of the biggest parts of our job is working with you to create the perfect indoor lighting schemes for your home. 

Creating an ideal lighting environment is all about complementing your existing design choices in terms of both form and function, but that can be a daunting process for some. Luckily, we’ve got a lot of experience in giving our clients the perfect scheme to suit their needs.

Indoor Lighting Services:

  • LED strip lighting

  • Task lighting

  • Mood lighting

  • Motion Sensors

  • Dimmers

  • Light Automation

Designing Your Indoor Lighting Scheme

The lighting design process begins with sitting down with you and talking through your design ideas. Using the plans of your home, we work to create a full lighting layout. This includes the light fitting types, positions, and quantities, as well as any supplemental technology such as motion sensors or dimmers.

We can also show you examples of previous work to spark your creativity, and alter them to fit your home. If you’re stuck for inspiration or unsure where to start, we can advise you on lighting choices that have worked in the past and go from there.

Planning your interior lighting design goes beyond choosing your preferred ceiling lights. In reality, you’re going to need to make decisions on whether a specific area requires “task” or “mood” lighting, and choose from range of indoor lighting fixtures to suit.

Indoor Lighting | Residential Electrical Services | Auckland Electrician | Good Electrical
Indoor Lighting | Residential Electrical Services | Auckland Electrician | Good Electrical

Task Lighting

Task lighting is meant for illumination in a particular room to accomplish a specific activity; think home study or kitchen. Dim, inconsistent, or poor lighting can be frustrating when you’re doing intensive tasks that require focus, and it can also damage or strain your eyes when you’re in the room for long stretches of time.

Mood Lighting 

On the other hand, mood lighting is designed to create a particular atmosphere—such as a relaxing lounge—or to highlight certain parts of a room.
Custom LED lighting in Auckland is one of our most popular requests, and it’s a great option if you want to create mood and drama in a certain space. LED lighting products can be installed under wall hung vanities to make them look like they are floating, or you can recess the strip into the ceiling to create different shapes. Finally, we can connect them to sensors, so they automatically come on during the night when you walk down for a glass of water.

Indoor Lighting | Residential Electrical Services | Auckland Electrician | Good Electrical

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Ready to get creative and elevate your home? Look no further. At Good Electrical, we are experts in providing high-quality indoor lighting design and installations, with years of industry experience and a customer-oriented mindset. For task-focussed fixtures or dramatic mood lighting, ask us about our LED lighting Auckland services during a design consultation.

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