DIY-ing an LED lighting installation is a fun way to get creative with your décor, especially in the upcoming holidays. There’s no better time to start on DIY projects than when the holiday bells start ringing and you have more time to actually start on one.

Here are our top five suggested lighting DIY projects you can take on this season. These are easy to do, but will challenge your creativity and craftsmanship enough to create some fun times. Get the whole family in on the job for some extra incentive!

Funky Neon Signs

Five Easy DIY Lighting Projects to Take On | Auckland Electrician | Good Electrical

Neon signs are a vibrant and cool way to welcome the holiday season. They can also be a unique lighting accent for your home as the colours and slogans become a part of the house’s overall aesthetic. Cheeky neon signs give character to any space; that’s why it’s no surprise how popular they have become today. And like most popular things o

n the market, they can be a bit expensive to buy outright. Creating your own neon signs are a great alternative to buying costly ones in the market and all you need is a magical tool called the EL wire, a power drill, and your own ingenious idea for your sign.

If you’re not familiar with it, EL wire is a thin, pliable wire that glows almost exactly like a neon sign but at a fraction of the cost. It’s self-contained, so you don’t need to plug it into the wall. The easiest way to tackle this DIY is to first trace out the shape or word that you want on a piece of paper before shaping your thicker wire around the shape, then glueing the EL wire on top of your shape. You can purchase different coloured EL wires that will suit the theme you’re going for!

Garden Lighting

Never underestimate the power of beautiful landscape lighting. When done impeccably, landscape lighting not only highlights your outdoor space—it breathes life into it. It’s not Five Easy DIY Lighting Projects to Take On | Auckland Electrician | Good ElectricalChristmas or New Year without some good old-fashion lighting that beautifully illuminates your outdoors, especially if you’re in the height of a New Zealand summer.

DIY-ing your garden lighting can add so much to your garden and outdoor pathways, and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. You can use upcycled plastic bottles as frosted garden lights to hang in your own backyard. Just trim your bottles down and coat it with frosted spray. Cover the LED bulbs with each frosted bottle, and you’ve got yourself whimsical and functional outdoor lights.

Night Lights

Suitable for all seasons, night lights are great ambient lights for any space. Plus, they not only serve as decorative elements for your room; Five Easy DIY Lighting Projects to Take On | Auckland Electrician | Good Electricalthey also help you avoid tripping during late-night trips to the bathroom.

This one is a great one to do with the kids! If you’re adamant on not going to the kids’ section for these all-night soft lighting, you can just make one. Mason jars are the most common and most accessible tools when creating your own night light. It’s as easy as adding an LED candle inside or some string lights. You can also get creative by using a bulb with an on and off switch and use it as your primary light source or cover the mason jar in a thin layer of coloured paint to throw your child’s favourite colour across the walls at night. There are tons of ideas to take inspiration from!

Accent Pendant Lamp

An enjoyable way to spruce up your home interior is by creating unique pendant lights. Putting a twist on the traditional pendant light makes an attractive light fixture that will add Five Easy DIY Lighting Projects to Take On | Auckland Electrician | Good Electricalcharacter to your living area.

You can try all sorts of unique lighting—from origami paper lamps to small mason jars—and populate them with battery-powered LED lights to avoid any intense wiring jobs. Tailor the job to suit your taste and you can’t go wrong. Make sure to anchor the pendant lights to your ceiling properly with brackets to avoid any mishaps.

Undercabinet Lighting

Now that you have more time to spend in the kitchen, it’s good to have functional undercabinet lighting to aid you with delicious tasks.Whether you’re preparing meals, getting some work done, or prowling for some late-night snacks, proper kitchen lighting is essential. And you may not know this, but you can actually DIY your undercabinet lights.

Pick up some small lights and run the cable from inside a hole beneath the cabinet to the

Five Easy DIY Lighting Projects to Take On | Auckland Electrician | Good Electrical

power source. It requires a certain amount of planning, but with the right tools and some patience, you can get it done to standard!

If you’re not keen on wiring anything up, simply purchase some stick-on LED strips for beneath your cabinets. They’re easy to apply and will last you for the holiday period.

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