Security lighting products with motion-sensor lights are an excellent solution for all property types. 

From private homes to parking lots and commercial spaces, every kind of property needs comprehensive security from dusk to dawn. This type of lighting illuminates blind spots around commercial and residential plots and can be wired to activate when they detect motion.

Not only does security lighting with motion-sensors make people aware of possible suspicious movement, it also provides excellent energy-efficiency. Lights only come on when activated by a sensor, and subsequently turn off after a predetermined period. 

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Types of Security Lighting

Outdoor lighting activated by sensors illuminates outdoor spaces, welcomes guests, deters intruders, boosts curb appeal, and increases your appreciation for the outdoors. However, there are many kinds of lights you can install. We encourage working with your team to integrate the perfect solution into your property, using your needs as the blueprint. 

Sensor Lights

Sensor lights are convenient to have on any property. In residential spaces they provide comforting security. In commercial areas, security light sensors are perfect for preventing accidents at any time of the night and will secure your property against intrusion. You can opt for different detection ranges depending on your needs and the boundaries of your property.

No more stumbling around in the dark trying to find a light switch when your hands are full—outdoor security lights offer safety and reassurance to help prevent accidents. 

LED Security Lights

For the more energy-conscious property owner, LED lights offer an energy-efficient system for security. These can be treated just like any other flood light; wire them up to a motion sensor or leave them as is. Their brightness and colour quality combine to create excellent visibility at night, making them an ideal addition to commercial properties.

You can even take energy-efficiency one step further and use solar powered security lights to illuminate your outdoor area, saving you a lot of money in the process.

Daylight Switches

For commercial properties we can also install daylight switches as an extra security measure. These lights are triggered at dusk and stay on throughout the night, constantly illuminating your property and deterring anyone looking to break in. They’re also ideal if you have security personnel patrolling the property after dark, as they don’t have to be triggered by motion, providing excellent visibility.

Talk to Good Electrical about installing security lighting on your property.

The technical side of installing motion sensors security lights is not too complicated. But if you do not have confidence in your abilities, it is better to entrust this process to a professional. Give us a call and illuminate your property today.

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