Enduring an electrical malfunction is one of the most frustrating things imaginable for any home or business. 

Even more so when you can’t get an experienced electrician out to fix it for days on end.

We know what an impact a malfunctioning appliance has on a household. If your water heater goes out, you’re left with cold showers. If your oven gives up on you, your cooking is restricted. We make it our top priority to get out to our clients as quickly as possible and get repairs done efficiently.

Not only that, we make it a point to do it well the first time. From stove tops to electrical wiring, we know our business inside and out.

Whether you need a light fitting replaced or help to get you back up and running when your hot water cylinder goes down, you’re covered with Good Electrical. We can quickly identify the problem and provide efficient solutions to ensure minimal disruption to you and your family.

Our General Electrical Repair Services:

  • Residential electrical repair services

  • Commercial electrical maintenance services

  • Lighting switches

  • Light fittings

  • Power points / outlets

  • Broken security lights

  • Hot water switches / thermostats /elements

  • Oven and stove-top repairs

Electrical Maintenance Services for Commercial Properties

Keeping homes and businesses in good condition begins with a good electrical maintenance schedule that cares for all the electrical fittings and devices in and around the building. Maintenance enhances the smooth running of all the electrical systems, while creating a safe environment free from all sorts of hazards. Not only that, preventative maintenance heads off expensive repairs and premature replacement of electrical fittings, detecting small problems before they escalate and saving money in the long run.

We understand the importance of tenant satisfaction from the perspective of a commercial building manager, the job requires a lot of juggling and adding electrical issues into the mix is a sure-fire formula for stress. Good Electrical offers consistent electrical maintenance for Auckland commercial properties including apartment buildings and industrial properties.

Our team of electrical contractors focus on more than installations; electrical safety is a top priority as well. We tackle a few maintenance jobs on a regular basis, outlined below. 

Electrical Repairs | Residential Electrical Services | Auckland Electrician | Good Electrical
Electrical Repairs | Residential Electrical Services | Auckland Electrician | Good Electrical

Checking for Electrical Faults

Over time, the protective covering on wiring can break down. When that happens, bare wires can start shorting and sparking within the walls of a home which presents a major fire hazard to your tenants. A home fire can be very devastating, and, not surprisingly, electrical faults are one of the leading causes of fires in homes. 

Normally there are signs when your wiring has become old and degraded. These include:

• Constant tripping of a circuit breaker.

• Brown and discoloured wall sockets.

• Occasional electrical shocks that you get when plugging in an appliance or simply touching it while it is plugged in.

With regular high-quality maintenance, these signs will be detected before anything bad can happen. We head to buildings to test and tag the network of wires, making sure that they’re functioning well and not in danger of catching alight.

Maintaining Outdoor Light Fixtures

Installing outdoor lighting does a lot for your property’s security and safety. It primarily ensures that your porches, walkways, and perimeter are well lit and thus safe for tenants at night. It also serves to deter thieves and burglars, who always prefer to operate under the cover of darkness.

Because outdoor lighting is constantly exposed to the elements, these lighting fixtures and bulbs require regular checks and replacements. Having a master electrician carry out these checks on a regular basis will ensure that at no point will your outdoors be dark.

Call Good Electrical for your all your electrical repair and maintenance needs.

Our team is friendly, knowledgeable, and skilled, so you can rest assured you will be in safe and reliable hands. We are experienced in a wide range of electrical work, with great response times and competitive pricing.

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