We’ve done a lot of jobs over the years – being an electrician in Auckland is a mobile, intense, incredibly fun job, and you can bet that we’ve seen it all. We thought we’d share some of the team’s favourite jobs that we’ve had around Auckland.

Big, Bold and Beautiful

Electricians About Auckland: Our Top Jobs | Auckland Electrician | Good ElectricalFirst up is the gorgeous build we helped to do out in Coatesville. This was a 1200m2 home with six bedrooms, a guest wing, and a massive in-ground swimming pool. What made this home really unique, however, was the fact that it was built using an actual crane!

We collaborated closely with the award-winning builders at PSL Construction, as well as working with the owners of the build, in order to design and customise unique architectural lightingsolutions that fit their exact aesthetic.

  • Full wiring. Working alongside the construction and architecture teams, we devised a full wiring scheme for this massive home that include power points in the floors, as well as a full generator backup system should the power fail.
  • Customised lighting design. We worked with the owners to design lighting fixtures that would perfectly accommodate their tastes, while still giving them the most cost-efficient solution possible. One of the more interesting fixtures is a chandelier that hangs in the stairwell, composed of two minimalistic rings with effervescent white light.
  • Detail lighting. We also lined various parts of the home, including some of the woodwork, with invisible LED strip-lighting that gave the chosen rooms an ethereal glow.

We loved this job because it was something we got to really go to town on – the process was three years long, highly customised, and in the end, the result was incredible.

Refreshing Rakino Island

Electricians About Auckland: Our Top Jobs | Auckland Electrician | Good ElectricalNext is one of the more interesting challenges we have faced in our years on the job. Rakino Island, a paradise about forty-five minutes from downtown Auckland by boat, has an interesting quirk.

It doesn’t have any power! All of the locals use solar power to get by. We got called by MBD builders to wire a bach there alongside the solar power installers. There are no wholesalers on the island, and no nipping back to the workshop to get something we didn’t realise we needed (after all, it’s an entire boat ride away), so we have to be sure of what we were doing each and every single day.

The bach is constructed from four separate pods, each of which needs to be wired properly into the main system, making the job challenging, but incredibly engaging. We’re still currently working on this, and we’re loving it for a lot of reasons.

The views from Rakino are shockingly beautiful, as you can see in the photo, and it certainly makes going to work in the morning a treat. More than that, however, we here at Good Electrical love doing things sustainably, and getting the chance to wire up an entire home with solar power is a dream come true.

Award-Winning Bathroom

Electricians About Auckland: Our Top Jobs | Auckland Electrician | Good ElectricalAnd, finally, we have a bathroom. Not just any bathroom though – this is the winner of the NKBA Colour Excellence 2018 Award, as well as the winner of the Auckland Chapter Recognition Bathroom 2018 Award. Yes, you read that right, an award-winning bathroom.

This little room out in Titirangi won awards for its bold and earthy colours, well-designed lighting, and clever use of elements (such as the fishtail tile) to break up the space. Designed to mimic the bush surrounding the property, it’s got a natural, grounded feel to it that inspires relaxation in any home-loving Kiwi.

We worked with Natalie Du Bois of Du Bois Design to customise the light fittings, which were undeniably quirky. Niche lighting turned the inlaid shelves into haloed fixtures, and we did some LED lighting installations along certain edges to make the room appear bigger and brighter. When working with nature colours, one of the most important things is to try to bring the viewer outdoors, which can be achieved with an abundance of soft-white daytime light. We also put in some fixtures above the sink and tub to give anyone using the room enough light to comfortably see by.

We loved this project because of the design considerations, the beautiful room itself, and the chance to flex our creative muscles a little more than usual. After all, everyone loves a bit of colour.

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